Everything we do at Upland Wealth Advisors is designed to give you financial confidence and understanding to let you start living the life you want. We put our clients first. Period. Building long-term professional and personal relationships with our clients has been the most satisfying aspect of our careers. Because every client faces unique issues and opportunities, we use all available resources to design, implement and monitor a tailored, comprehensive wealth management path for advisory clients only. We have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals, supported by one of the nation’s leading financial services firms, because the complexities of life exceed the capabilities of one financial advisor.

We start with a sound framework – one based on detailed financial information and careful calculation. Because markets, families and goals are always changing, our team is prepared to lead you through those changes. We provide fully integrated, goals-based financial solutions to help families, businesses and organizations build, manage, preserve and transition wealth. Our team will connect you with our network of trusted professionals, or work with your existing professionals such as your attorney, accountant and insurance agent, to help enhance your wealth plan by creating a cohesive financial strategy. Our collaborative approach, and sound wealth management process desiigned to deliver results for our clients.
A well-designed investment plan should not only reflect your long-term goals and a comfortable level of risk, but it should also serve as the foundation of a longterm relationship. Working together, we will follow a four-step process to develop your customized investment plan:

Step 1 : Understand your goals
We conduct a personal interview with you to obtain the background data needed to develop your plan. If appropriate, we also consult with other professional advisors, including your attorney and tax advisor, to understand all pertinent details of your financial circumstances.

Step 2 : Develop a planUpland-4-step process
Our second meeting is designed to develop a shared vision of your dreams. We will prepare a comprehensive presentation for you to consider, and you will have the opportunity to raise questions and confirm the interpretation of your investment goals. We will then review specific investment recommendations for your approval.

Step 3 : Implement recommendations
We believe it is imperative that you understand and are comfortable with your investment strategy. Once we have worked out the details with you and received your approval, we will put your plan into action.

Step 4 : Evaluate progress
Investing is not a one-time event. Rather, an investment plan requires timely maintenance to help ensure that it stays on target. Your plan can be reviewed as needed, and the allocations within your portfolio rebalanced as necessary based on changes in the markets or your life. Once your plan is in place, you will be able to receive monthly statements (as long as there is activity in your account), costbasis tracking, and e-statements. We are also willing to sit down with you whenever you have questions, concerns or ideas.