Heroes Hunting

“Every Marine trains and prepares 24/7 to get that phone call in the middle that your unit is deploying,” said Commandant of the Marine Corps, General David Berger.

Since 2005 it has been our honor to annually welcome and thank for their service ten enlisted Marines from the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, GA to SpringHill Farm in Bronwood, Ga.  The Marines get to relax, get to know each other in ways different than on the base, enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully shoot a deer. While many wonderful hunts are out there for wounded warriors, ours is focused on active duty Marines, many of whom have been deployed, and all currently standing guard for our nation’s security.
On the night before the hunt we welcome the leadership from the base as they join us for a BBQ dinner followed by a good time around the campfire.
Overall this has turned into a special event for the Marines, but as much fun as they always seem to have, the hosts are the ones that seem to enjoy it the most. If there's a feeling we have each year as the latest group of Marines rides away, it's without a doubt, "Where do they find such great guys?"